Smart Trailer Connectors

Trailer Visions smart range of trailer connectors are quality designed and engineered to perfection. Feature smart sensing technologies and indicators Trailer Vision's trailer connectors are the paramount towing connection.
Trailer Testers

Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Testers. Trailer Vision's extensive range of trailer test gear is world class quality, every workshop should not be without.
Trailer Tell Tale Systems

Legendary Trailer Tell Tale Safety System - Tow in safety and know for sure your trailer electrical systems are working correctly from the comfort of the drivers seat. You won't ever want to tow again without one!
Power Connector Covers

World First Power Connector Protection Systems. Trust only Trailer Vision, genuine protectors to ensure power while on the go

Research & Development

Our design team go to the forefront of creating all Australian innovations for the global automotive OEM and aftermarket. Our paramount commitment to the development of new road safety products is ever continuous. We can provide custom research and development services to reach your objectives.

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Latest New Product Innovations

Trailer Vision is continuously developing new products to meet the needs of road safety and the towing community. We don't just develop products we innovate them and with all of our range you will always find our new ideas and most importantly our absolute commitment to quality.

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Trailer Connection Technology

Modern vehicles now have many computerised systems that can cause difficulties when fitting new equipment such as tow bars. Trailer Vision provides solutions that overcome these problems with the latest technology and innovations.


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